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23 Sept 2016

Gravity Fields Festival and Service of Commemoration for Isaac Newton at Colsterworth

To mark the end of the Gravity Fields Festival a special service of commemoration for Sir Isaac Newton will be held at 6.00 pm on Sunday 25 September at St John the Baptist Church in Colsterworth.  The choir of St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham will take part in the service and the guest speaker with be Professor Rob Iliffe, Professor of History of Science at Oxford University and a world authority on Isaac Newton. All are welcome to attend, but please come early as space is limited.

During the week, 21-25 September, an exhibition of solargraphs, taken by Kelly Barfoot, will be on display in the church. These images produced through exposure over several months in a single shot will capture the path of the sun through the sky in locations relating to Newton’s early years in the villages of Woolsthorpe and Colsterworth.  From 11.00 am on Sunday 25 September, Plague Day activities, presented by Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples’ Theatre, will take place along the footpath from Woolsthorpe Manor to the church.

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23 Sept 2016

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