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19 Sept 2018

Isaac Newton’s Coat of Arms

A flag displaying the coat of arms of Sir Isaac Newton is now flying on the tower of St John the Baptist Church in Colsterworth as part of the Gravity Field Festival celebrations.  Isaac was baptised in the church in 1642 and his parents are buried there.  Isaac was knighted by Queen Anne during her visit to Trinity College in Cambridge on 16 April 1705, not in recognition of his scientific work but as a political favour to his patron, Lord Halifax. Subsequently Newton was granted a coat of arms consisting of two shin bones by the College of Heralds (‘sable, two shin-bones in saltire argent, the dexter surmounted of the sinister’).

A commemoration service for Isaac will be held in the church at 11.00 am on Sunday 30 September.

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03 Oct  2018

The final survey results can be found at this link

24 Sept 2018

Here are links to three photographs of the new Newton flag flying on the church tower in conjunction with Gravity Fields and the Commemoration Service next Sunday

One   Two   Three