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Dec 18

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May 19

Interpretation plan produced by Grevatte & Co

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Jim Grevatte has come up with a design for a new leaflet for a heritage trail from Woolsthorpe Manor to the church. It follows the walk that the Newton family would probably have taken to the church. It will be available at the Manor and will, we hope, encourage more visitors to the Manor to make the same journey. It is in a matt colour to match the existing introductory guide to the Manor.

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This is a link to floor plan proposed by our architects, PPIY of York.  It is likely to be changed following comments from the Diocese and Historic England, although we await the latter’s visit and recommendations, but I am attaching it anyway, as I think it gives a good idea of how the reordered church might look. You will need to view this on a big screen to read it! You can however zoom into the detail.

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July 19

Letter received from David Walsh who is The Principle Inspector of Historic Buildings & Areas of Historic England. His letter gives valuable advice regarding our proposed changes the fabric of the Church to accommodate the Learning Centre.

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