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The main people responsible for the work during the development phase of project. Page 2/3

Colin Russell (parish councillor)

Colin has a wide knowledge of the local community, is closely associated with Woolsthorpe Manor and is our liaison with the Parish Council.  He is a keen photographer and will assist in developing relations with the media.

Canon Tom Williamson (retired priest)

As well as being an authority on church history and liturgy, Tom will continue his research into science and faith in Newton’s life and work.

Paul Parris (web designer)

Paul has designed our website and will keep it up-to-date as the project advances, so that those who are interested can follow its progress, make suggestions and offer support.

Melanie Dawtry (retired bursar)

Melanie is treasurer of the Colsterworth group of churches. She keeps a record of our meetings and activities and will advise on financial matters.

Madeleine Smith (licensee)

As licensee of The White Lion and chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Madeleine maintains our links with the local community.

Eileen Ross (registered nurse and health visitor)

Eileen’s family were tenant farmers of the Turnor family at Woolsthorpe. Eileen will contribute to local history and will be our liaison with the Newton family.


Stephen Dexter (retired managing director)

Stephen is an authority on local churches and has researched what other churches have done to adapt to the needs of their local communities.  He is also pursuing his own research into Newton. He will draw up a business plan for the project.

Peter Baldock (retired headmaster)

Peter, who has a history degree, will be closely involved in strategy and project management and will assist in identifying appropriate community activities for the reordered church.


John Hannam (retired clerk to the Parish Council).

Bob Adams (district and county councillor).

Research Group:

Margaret and Robert Senior; Lorna and Tom Williamson; David Bray; Ann Blackett; Margaret Winn.




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